Rules for Solutions:

Goal: 6
Resources: - - x / / 1 2 3 4
This Quest has 12 different Solutions.

For an expression to be a Solution it has to obey the following rules:
1) A Solution must equal the Goal.
(So, 4x3 is not a Solution because it does not equal 6.)

2) A Solution can only use symbols from the given Resources. (So 4+2 is not a Solution because there is no + sign in these Resources.)

3) Each Resources symbol can only be used once in each Solution. (There are two - signs, and two / signs in these Resources, so each of these symbols can appear twice in any Solution but the rest of the symbols may only appear once in each Solution.)

4) Solutions may only contain single digit numerals and operations or a letter variable. Some letter variables may be defined as a multiple digit numeral. (10-4 is not a Solution because the number ten in this expression is represented by a two digit numeral. You can only express larger numbers by using single digit numerals or variables along with operations and parentheses to group them.)

5) Parentheses may be used freely to indicate grouping and order of operations. (In the absence of parentheses, standard order of operations convention is used to interpret expressions, i.e. logarithm, root operation and exponentiation are calculated first, followed by division and multiplication and finally by addition and subtraction. Operations at the same level are evaluated from left to right within the expression.)